Learning Platform for students

Your Music Mind is a learning platform

for music students, teachers and parents all about practicing and learning tools for instrument practice. 


Practicing – and how?

The subject of “practicing” is challenging for students, teachers and parents. I can still remember my music school days, when I was often desperate while practicing at home because I didn’t know how and whether I was practicing properly. In the search for an aid for me and then also for my students, the practice diary and this learning platform were created. I would like to share my experiences, practice aids and the practice strategies of my great teachers and help music students who are looking for support in learning to play an instrument.


Why a learning platform? 

Your Music Mind was created with the desire to create a platform around the topic of practicing, with learning aids such as the practice diary, a blog, videos, interviews with outstanding musicians and workshops in order to give music students practical practice strategies for practicing at home and to encourage them on their learning journey. So that students can enjoy playing and practicing music!

Aloisia Dauer is the founder of the learning platform Your Music Mind for music students.

Link to the website: Your Music Mind